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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 4/18/19

Information We Require

The following information is integral to platform performance and services. When you first sign up, we require and collect personal information such as your first name, last name, email address and date of birth in order to create and verify your account. When you create a shadowing profile, we require and collect your address, phone number and profile picture. Additionally, in order to facilitate and process payments, we may require you to provide certain financial information such as your bank account, PayPal account or credit card information. Information about communications through the Shadower platform may also collected for fraud prevention, risk assessment, product development and research. We will not scan your communications to send third-party marketing materials to you.

Information You Provide

Additional information you provide is collected in order to enhance user experience on the platform. You may choose to provide extra information and media as part of your account, user profile or shadowing profiles, including your gender, preferred language, city or other personal descriptions such as your employment history and professional accomplishments. You may also choose to provide information when you favorite a profile, save a session, conduct a search, respond to surveys, participate in promotions or use other features on the platform. If you have a shadowing profile, reviews from shadowers will be published on your page with your consent and may be collected by Shadower.

Payment Information

In order to handle payments and comply with applicable law, we require certain financial information including your credit card information, bank account or PayPal account. If you plan on creating a shadowing profile, you may be required to provide identity-verification information as well such as a driver's license, passport or government-issued ID in order to confirm your identity and comply with applicable law. Upon booking a session, payment information is collected regarding date and time, price and other transaction details.

Information Automatically Collected

The following information is automatically collected to provide users with the best platform experience. When you access Shadower, we collect geolocation information through your IP address or mobile device's GPS to provide relevant recommendations. Usage information is also automatically collected such as the profiles, sessions and pages you view, search inputs, bookings you have made and other actions on the platform.

Personal Information Security

We make reasonable efforts to secure and protect personal information by maintaining organizational, technical and administrative measures designed to minimize unauthorized access, loss, destruction or misuse. Your personal information is only accessible to a small number of developers, who need access to it in order to perform their duties.

Background-Check Information

Shadower may obtain public records pertaining to criminal convictions or sex offender registrations as permitted by applicable law, using your full name and date of birth to obtain such records. If you are asked to submit a photo of your ID and a separate photo of yourself for verification purposes, neither photo will be shared with anyone else who uses Shadower.

Privacy of Minors

Shadower is not directed toward individuals under the age of 13 (i.e. younger than freshman in high school) and we request that they do not provide personal information on the platform.

Information Available to the General Public

Shadower lets you publish information visible to the general public, including parts of your personal and shadowing profile pages such as your name, city, general location of workplace (within a few blocks), calendar availability, public profile photo, uploaded media, reviews, ratings and any other information you choose to share.

How We Use Collected Information

We collect information provided by you to improve the platform in an effort to create trust between users, establish a safe method for shadowing and fulfill our legal obligations. Information collected allows access to the platform, customized results and communication on the platform including internal messaging, security alerts and customer service assistance. Customization from information you provide allows for individualized promotions, marketing and advertising based on your preferences and other information we think may be of interest to you. Collected information also may also be used to verify your identity and improve security in an effort to detect abuse, fraud, spam and other harmful or illicit activity.

How We Share Collected Information

When you book a shadowing session, certain information about you is shared with the expert including your full name, age and your cancellation history. If asked to submit a government ID, information about whether or not your ID was successfully added may also be shared. As an expert, when a session is booked, information about you is shared with the shadower including your full name, phone number, workplace address and other information you choose to share.

Cookie Policy

Shadower uses small data files known as cookies and other similar technologies to improve the platform. These files are transferred to your computer, enabling you to access the platform, to recognize your browser, understand your interactions, assist with tailored recommendations, enforce legal agreements, enable fraud detection and for purposes of support, research and product development. You can modify your browser settings to accept or decline cookies.