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When creating a shadowing session, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Center the session on learning

At its core, Shadower is centered around education. We want shadowers to be able to walk away with real-world knowledge that they can apply to their own future projects and personal endeavors.

We believe that hands-on training is the best form of education, so we highly encourage experts to make their sessions at least partially interactive, providing the shadower with one or more responsibilities or projects.

Relationships are essential for growth

The average user has plenty of online options these days to acquire information. The one thing that sets Shadower is apart is the real-world, mentor-mentee relationship available through the platform. These types of relationships are difficult for many people to come by, especially those without formal education or connections.

We encourage experts to use their shadowing session as an opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with their shadower as it provides a positive two-way outcome for both parties. Shadowers will be more likely to return if they feel that you genuinely care about helping them succeed and the shadowers are more likely to recommend your sessions to other people, spreading your reach within the community and beyond.

Following the community guidelines builds trust

Without a sense of trust and safety on the platform, no one will be interested in shadowing you, so we rely on every expert to foster a safe learning environment by adhering to our Community Guidelines, which can be found under Trust & Safety in the Help Center.

For more about safe shadowing, refer to our Trust and Safety page.

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