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Safety Tips
Shadower faces unique legal challenges compared to strictly online platforms since it connects users face-to-face. Consequently, as a company, we do not make exceptions when it comes to issues of age or failed background checks. Shadower will take ever necessary step to ensure users have the safest possible experience and immediate steps will be taken to remedy situations that fall short of that expectation.

Consideration of users' concerns, needs and safety is essential to establishing trust between users both on and off the platform. The business model of shadowing relies on trust and the company will never waiver from that belief.

Safety Tips

While background checks may help prevent fraud, abuse and misuse, they cannot guarantee safety in all circumstances. Consequently, experts and shadowers should exercise judgement and follow sensible safety tips.

Safety Tips for Shadowers

  • Read reviews and ratings from past shadowers and assess the amount and quality of content provided by the expert on his or her profile.
  • Consider performing a web search or conduct your own background check on your expert if you have reservations.
  • Let a friend or family member know your shadowing plans.
  • Some experts work from home, which is fine, but extra caution should be applied in such cases.
  • Bring a guest if you feel worried about anything.

Safety Tips for Experts

  • Consider performing a web search or conduct your own background check on your expert if you have reservations.
  • It's preferable to always meet your shadower at your place of work or some other public setting.
  • Check your shadower's past ratings and reviews from other other experts and cancellation history (coming in a future release).

Safety Tips for All Users

  • Get to know your expert or shadower before the session by messaging them through the platform.
  • Be cautious when sharing personal information like your personal email address or phone number. Instead, use Shadower's on-platform messaging system, specifically developed for account security.
  • Protect your financial information by paying through Shadower's secure payments platform, operated by Stripe.
  • Please report any users who violate our Terms of Service, which include users who ask you to send them money outside the Shadower payments platform, users who send harassing or abusive messages, users who create fraudulent profiles or fake shadowing sessions or users who pose a safety risk.